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The Big 6 is an information AND technology skills teaching approach we are currently using in Grades 3 and 4. There are free lesson samples and other great bits of information on the website! Including how to use Glogster for the teaching of Big 6 skills!



I have just finished reviewing an IB document in progress called ICT in a PYP School. It is a very interesting document, but I don’t want to post if here, as it is a draft, obviously. If you want to read it, let me know!

In response to the Twitter discussion with the hashtag: #ICTinPYP (click on this link to see the search results that come up for the hashtag and see the power of Twitter), someone posted a number of PYP ICT display pictures:

Click here for more.

Using the learner profile to raise awareness of digital citizenship and “digital literacy”….


  • Tasha Cowdy: I enjoyed the article. The idea of coblaboration was new to me. it helped me to reflect on my professional interactions; am I simply cooperating and
  • Jessica: Organizing blogs you read, subscribing to them.... easy and for me, necessary..... You could start by going to
  • chiaraforti: should I? I need your help here, then!!