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New teaching tools

Posted on: October 24, 2010

After a day on the internet, these are the web I found and I am looking forward to use them with my classes – expecially my older students.

I believe these could also be used as assessment tools, children could add their thinking from home and then we could all share together the following day.

These tools should also be excellent to help children to reflect. What do you think?


4 Responses to "New teaching tools"

Thanks Chiara! Some great finds. I wonder if we could possibly create a space for teachers at the school to become familiar with these tools and how to implement them? Maybe as part of our PYP Meetings and also MYP Meetings?
Maybe in the shape of Techie Brekkies or small break-out sessions that people want to attend?

Also, can we bring things like this up during the assessment workshop, so rethink and reshape assessment?

Well, it all started while wondering how to assess my older students in a different way. We comunicate via skype, we use studywiz and we exchange e-mails. This might seem an awful lot of work, but if you like Tech, it is so much fun. They really like checking and adding comments. Then I found some amazing tools that can could be used on a daily basic a and shared with our collegues.
Which one/how would you like to bring them up during the assessment workshop? I think it is a very good idea, could be a way to get the ball rolling.

I think blogging is something we should talk about, but maybe not during the assessment workshop. I had this idea to introduce the kids to blogging via paper blogging, and spoke to Jane about that. We considered setting up a paper blogging area for the whole school, where everyone could leave comments. That way, those who are not so techy-minded, could see the concept of blogging and commenting coming to live.
Maybe something to talk about when we get back.
Also, Studywiz, can we meet possibly before the workshop and talk about that for 10-20 min? I mean on Monday, of course!

Tools that I think we could bring up…. depends on the purpose.
I do think that Toondoo is a powerful tool, esp. for additional language learners.
Spicynodes for preassessment, wallwisher for making thinking visible (and for backchanneling, some children do not like to share their questions aloud in class!!!) – though of course this is not assessment, but could be considered formative really….

What do you think?

There is something else I wanted to say about this…. of course it is hard! Integrating technology is a shift in thinking, but long overdue. Most of us use emails and skype as a normal way of communicating. In some cases, Facebook, Twitter, Email and Skype have made phones obsolete.

In 6 months from now there will be apps and tools around we don’t know yet, but for some reason, most of us are able to grasp them right away and use them.

Technology enables us to take control of our learning whenever we want, whereever we want. We need to make sure it is the same for everyone!

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