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I LOVE the paper blogging idea. Although I was talking to a mum/engineer yesterday and we were both agreeing on fact that we don’t like seeing our kids on the computer – no matter what, we were both stating, that is our future. She thinks that in the future we won’t even go to the doctor – we will stay at home, with our web cam and doctor will tell us what to do, then we will contact a pharmacy on line and the post will do the delivery. Basically she was confirming what we keep saying – tech is all around us and is constantly updating. What we can do is to give our children basic knowledge and the skills they will use in the future whatever software will be! Whether we agree or disagree with it! What do you think?


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Interesting article linked from Urban Preschool Blog.

I have just finished reviewing an IB document in progress called ICT in a PYP School. It is a very interesting document, but I don’t want to post if here, as it is a draft, obviously. If you want to read it, let me know!

In response to the Twitter discussion with the hashtag: #ICTinPYP (click on this link to see the search results that come up for the hashtag and see the power of Twitter), someone posted a number of PYP ICT display pictures:

Click here for more.

Using the learner profile to raise awareness of digital citizenship and “digital literacy”….


  • Tasha Cowdy: I enjoyed the article. The idea of coblaboration was new to me. it helped me to reflect on my professional interactions; am I simply cooperating and
  • Jessica: Organizing blogs you read, subscribing to them.... easy and for me, necessary..... You could start by going to
  • chiaraforti: should I? I need your help here, then!!